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Renee from The New PTLS Private Support Group's Story
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After having my daughter 5 years ago, I started having severe panic attacks about 6 months later. Many of the attacks sent me to the ER thinking I was dying. I have been to the ER more times than I can count on my hands. I started to try my luck at different docs who all tried to put me on SSRIs to help the anxiety. All of the crazy meds made me more anxious and more panick attacks. Was then put on ativan which is the only thing that calms an attack. I started timing when I had the attacks and they were right before my period and the worse episodes were right before ovulation. I knew there was something wrong. With the panic attacks, I had hair loss, acne, terrible mood swings, headaches, numbness in arms, legs, sometimes head or face, body aches and arthritis like pain in joints. My body literally feels 90. No one will recognize that I had a medical problem. Was told it was in my head. They tried me on progesterone and that caused a bunch of problems with my blood clotting disorder. My thyroid was borderline hypo so they started me on levothyroxine and anxiety is lessened but still have alk of the symptoms even though my thyroid is back in the right range with the meds. After looking on line I found out about PTLS and have all of the symptoms. Still, no doc recognizes it. At this point, I am on thyroid meds, vitamin d, calcium, multi vitamin, fish oil, l-arginine and zyrtec (I have allergies now). I am hoping I can get a tubal removal as I've heard many say it worked for them. Hopefully PTLS will be recognized as a medical condition so many of us can get the help we so desperately need. I just want my life back. It has taken it's toll not just on me but my husband and kids. I am not as patient any more and my mood swings are out of control. I need help but can't seem to get any. Hoping this site will bring awareness.