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From Tubal ligation to tubal reversal
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Hello, I had my tubal ligation done 11 years ago immediately following the vaginal birth of my last son, (7/7/2003). My tubes were tied merely by being cut no clips or burns.Initially I didn't notice anything different with my body but as the years progressed I started getting estrogen withdrawal migraines and extreme cramps and irritability to the point I was taking 2 prescription strength 800 mg Motrin. My cycles were heavier and longer than they had ever been prior to having my tubes tied. I had never had acne growing up and the last few years have experienced cystic outbreaks that have left some scarring and are very painful. I have full lipid panels ran annually which always come back great but would stay extremely cold all the time and experience night sweats. I would get extreme fatigue to the point it was chronic with no identifiable reason for the fatigue. I started researching and found info on PTLS which made things make much more sense. My cycles were so heavy I would bleed through a super plus tampon and pad within 45 minutes. I found a fertility Dr./obgyn who I consulted with regarding a TR. I did want to TTC as well but also for my overall health and well being. On 11/18/14 I had my TR completed. A good portion of my tubes were left because the Dr who did my TR cut my tubes closer to the grabber. Since then, in only 2 weeks, I have noticed vast improvements. I am on a 28 day cycle which was not interrupted by my surgery. I have woke up with more energy and less fatigue. My last cycle prior to my TR started on 11/1/14. My first cycle post TR started on 11/29/14 and has been pretty much how my cycles were pre tubal ligation. The entire time on my cycle I was able to use regular tampons, no cramps, no headaches, no fatigue, very little to no irritability! I am now on day 5 of my first AF since TR and I am off!!!!! After my TL My cycles would run 7 days. Due to the heaviness of my cycle I thought maybe I had fibroids or endometriosis or adenomyosis but after TR surgery my Dr. said not a trace and my female organs were completely healthy. My acne breakout has not stopped yet but was not as bad as it has been. I was also craving chocolate on my cycle post TR which I had not had since my tubes were tied but I'll take that! I may have a long journey to wellness but the results thus far have been promising and I feel whole again! The only thing post TR at present is the numbness on my stomach with pain to the touch but I was informed of this and was told it could take 3 months to a year to go away.