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Welcome to the updated Tubal.org Website
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Welcome to the new updated Tubal.org website. 

The Coalition for Post Tubal Women (CPTwomen) works to educate women and the public of side effects to tubal ligation and female sterilization and to promote change.

Tubal.org acts as portal and collective hub for all women and groups interested and working on these issues to share and disburse information.

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The Goal of the CPTwomen: To put in place proper informed consent laws.

With proper laws in place doctors will be required to inform women of Post Tubal Syndrome and side effects of sterilization. To get the "Informed Consent for Tubal Ligation Bill" passed we need your input and activism. 

Please advocate for and join the CPTwomen. Full paid membership helps support this website and helps fund our efforts to educate women and the public and to promote change in the areas of informed consent, reproductive rights, and women’s health rights. 

Membership offers:
• Full access to the information, content and services at tubal.org site.
• Post comments on tubal.org guest and member blogs.
• Join, create, and participate in tubal.org friend networks.
• Join, create, and participate in tubal.org member groups and discussions.
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• Work with the CPTwomen to put in place informed consent laws that would make it mandatory for doctors to inform women of post tubal ligation syndrome and the risks associated with tubal ligation, rings, Filshie clips, Essure and other sterilization methods before women consent to the surgery or procedure.
• Plus more…