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     If you're reading this, you are probably searching for information about tubal ligation and its risks and benefits for yourself or a loved one. 
There are thousands of  websites, doctors, and organizations that explain, promote, and provide sterilization and the tubal ligation procedure, but only here will you find what doctors don't tell you about tubal ligation.

Tubal Ligation (TL), sometimes called tubal sterilization or “tying the tubes”, is a surgical procedure in which a physician seals shut a woman’s fallopian tubes using coagulation (burning the tubes), or by using a devise such as a clip or a ring.   Tubal sterilization and medical devices which affect the fallopian tubes for the purpose of birth control are conceived to be permanent non-reversible forms of birth control.  The procedure is most often performed right after delivery (natural or c-section) but can be performed anytime during a woman’s cycle.

Tubal ligation can cause a negative health condition called "post tubal ligation syndrome".

Women are NOT informed of post tubal ligation syndrome or that tubal ligation can cause andomyosis that manifests as dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB) requiring surgical remedies such as dilation and curettage (D&C) or complete hysterectomies for excessive bleeding... or that the tubal ligation procedure can affect the blood supply to the ovaries causing  anovulation  (ovaries failing to normally function or to ovulate), premature ovarian failure (POF), and sudden premature menopause.

For women who had a tubal ligation, learning about post tubal ligation syndrome after the fact can be harrowing and upsetting, but we believe that receiving information and support to be consoling and empowering.  One thing that all women state is they are happy to have received the information, but wished they had this information before their tubal ligation. The Coalition for Post Tubal Ligation Women is working to put in place informed consent laws that would make it mandatory for doctors to inform women of the post tubal ligation syndrome risks before women consent to the surgery.  

The book, What Doctors Don't Tell You About Tubal Ligation and Post Tubal Syndrome (PTLS),  is written to educate women who had a tubal ligation, women considering a tubal ligation, and their loved ones.  It explains what post tubal ligation syndrome is, details the symptoms of post tubal ligation syndrome, explains how women are diagnosed, and gives proposed actions that women can take to advocate for their health and rights.  Purchase a copy of the book for yourself or a loved one today. 

As you navigate this site and as you read the book, take time to digest the information.  Ask yourself, who do I know who had a tubal ligation or who might be considering a tubal ligation?  What can I do so that all women are informed in the future?   



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Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

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