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Hello, I had my tubal ligation done 11 years ago immediately following the vaginal birth of my last son, (7/7/2003). My tubes were tied merely by being cut no clips or burns.Initially I didn't notice anything different with my body but as the years progressed I started getting estrogen withdrawal migraines and extreme cramps and irritability to the point I was taking 2 prescription strength 800 mg Motrin. My cycles were heavier and longer than they had ever been prior to having my tubes tied. I had never had acne growing up and the last few years have experienced cystic outbreaks that have left some scarring and are very painful. I have full lipid panels ran annually which always come back great but would stay extremely cold all the time and experience night sweats. I would get extreme fatigue to the point it was chronic with no identifiable reason for the fatigue. I started researching and found info on PTLS which made things make much more sense. My cycles were so heavy I would bleed through a super plus tampon and pad within 45 minutes. I found a fertility Dr./obgyn who I consulted with regarding a TR. I did want to TTC as well but also for my overall health and well being. On 11/18/14 I had my TR completed. A good portion of my tubes were left because the Dr who did my TR cut my tubes closer to the grabber. Since then, in only 2 weeks, I have noticed vast improvements. I am on a 28 day cycle which was not interrupted by my surgery. I have woke up with more energy and less fatigue. My last cycle prior to my TR started on 11/1/14. My first cycle post TR started on 11/29/14 and has been pretty much how my cycles were pre tubal ligation. The entire time on my cycle I was able to use regular tampons, no cramps, no headaches, no fatigue, very little to no irritability! I am now on day 5 of my first AF since TR and I am off!!!!! After my TL My cycles would run 7 days. Due to the heaviness of my cycle I thought maybe I had fibroids or endometriosis or adenomyosis but after TR surgery my Dr. said not a trace and my female organs were completely healthy. My acne breakout has not stopped yet but was not as bad as it has been. I was also craving chocolate on my cycle post TR which I had not had since my tubes were tied but I'll take that! I may have a long journey to wellness but the results thus far have been promising and I feel whole again! The only thing post TR at present is the numbness on my stomach with pain to the touch but I was informed of this and was told it could take 3 months to a year to go away.
My Post Tubal ligation symptoms
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✳Nausea upon waking
✳Extreme fatigue
✳shorter menstrual cycles/ irregular cycles
✳debilitating pain over ovaries (has never gone away)
✳loss of libido
✳uterine prolapse
✳achy joints
✳achy muscles/ muscle weakness
✳hot flashes
✳painful intercourse
✳mood swings
* night sweats
*ovarian pain
*brain fog
*pelvic pain
*hair loss

The pain over my ovary started immediately following surgery, the other symptoms slowly crept up over a year. It seemed like the longer I had my tubes tied, the more problems I ended up with. Every time I went to the doctor, they dismissed my concerns. Diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism was the last straw. My potassium levels were low joust before surgery, I'll get those retested one of these days.
Recovery from hardware removal
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November 24, 2014
I wake up from anesthesia, I just got my Filshie clips removed, I'm not in pain, I can smile. I don't need pain meds, I leave the hospital nearly pain free. I just had major surgery, yet I'm okay. I knew what the problem was, I just needed to voice my concern. Tell everyone I know, let it be known.

November 25, 2014
The gas pain was nearly unbearable, at least I had the heating pad, still haven't taken any pain meds, though maybe I should. Was up almost all night going to the bathroom or trying to, I think the swelling is getting to me. I feel like a big balloon, I'm filled with co2 gas not helium, the pain goes up through my shoulders and my neck. I have 3 incisions, one under my belly button, one on my lower right abdomen, and a bikini cut. I cannot see them like my last surgery, I cannot take baths either. They must be bigger than my last surgery. I feel no ache, slight fatigue, no nausea in the morning. Feeling like my old self already!

November 26, 2014
The gas pain is much more tolerable today, only had to use the heating pad a few times. Last night I Was able to sleep very well too, moved around much more freely. Nice and hungry but I ate too much and felt like I was going to explode. Ended up taking pain meds around the clock and was able to be up walking for a few hours, even made a cherry pie, a loaf of bread, and super. Can't sleep for some reason. Bloating had gone down, hoping for a great day tomorrow.

November 27, 2014
no gas pains today only when I lay down. I had a long day today of standing and walking barely sitting down for even a minute. Since today was Thanksgiving I had a lot to do, however my incisions we're sore. the only time I ever sat down was to play crossing and even that didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. Before I knew it I was up walking around again because Dad needed help or mom needed help with the food. After a while, I started to feel dizzy because of lack of food. The good thing was even though I ate food, a lot of food I did not feel bloated. I drink some tea once I got home and had another pain medicine slowly drifted off to sleep and ended up sleeping 12 hours.

November 28, 2014
feeling really tired today shoulders are hurting too most likely due to the last of the gas pain, bloating has subsided. Had some weird stomach pain, turned out to be a signal to go potty so I had my first bowel movement since surgery and it wasn't terrible just hoping it didn't move my bowel out of place, a few hours later had my second bowel movement. Began having shoulder pain, couldn't find the time to sit down and rest, went in to go to the bathroom to find my undies were full of blood, HAD to find time to rest after that. Hours later had another bowel movement, but this time it was very painful, cramps and incision pain. Ate just fine today, didn't need any medicine for pain.

November 29, 2014
today I was extremely tired ended up sleeping for about 14 hours and was still tired. my incisions are still very sore, occasionally they feel like something is dripping, everytime I look though its fine. The tape stuff they used is starting to peel off. I took a shower earlier today and the water hitting my incisions was hurting. i also haven't taken any medicine for over 24 hours now, so i can finally start driving again. getting in the car is kind of difficult since I have a high car, but it was fairly simple to drive I'm just slow. As soon as we got home from Aaron's parents housewe were already rushing off to go buy some movies. Got home just in time for the kids to go to bed and we can watch a movie.

November 30, 2014
still really tired today, thinking it has something to do with staying up late. Having very weird dreams, they don't keep me up but they keep me wanting to know what happens next, like a good book. Finally got myself out of bed at noon, Ruby had already gotten picked up by grandma so its only Scarlett Aaron and myself. my incisions still hurt, they still feel like something is dripping. most of my other symptoms have already disappeared: the fatigue is back with a vengeance, low sex drive is going away slowly, dry vagina is gone, that weird pain I felt going down my legs if I stood too long is gone, the hair loss seems to have either gone away or slow down because I don't really notice much anymore, headaches have gone, that pain over my left ovary is gone,I already forgot that I used to have night sweats and cold sweats and hot flashes.I have not had my first period yet since the surgery I believe I am on cycle day 18. Still charting my cycles although my thermometer has been gone for a month now at least so I'm just charting the cervical mucus. my cycles seem to be about the same so far. Still haven't gotten to the doctor for the 2 week post operation appointment still have to schedule but I'm just lazy.

December 1, 2014
today started off lazy, the fatigue makes me really tired. So far it is the only symptom that is not going away. My patience is still gone, caught my 1 year old eating a Christmas bulb a few minutes after I told my 4 year old to keep an eye on her, exploded at the 4 year old for not watching her. It's only been a week since surgery and I feel so much better!